YES! This is a free calendar listing service, but we do sell featured event listings. You may also donate here at any time to support our efforts. We accept one-time and recurring donations.

Click the submit event button at the top of the main calendar or click here. Complete the form and we’ll review your event within 48 hours (typically sooner). If it doesn’t appear at that point, we’ve rejected the submission (no hard feelings). We do not send out rejection notifications or give feedback as to why. Please read our submission guidelines below for what content we will likely accept.

We accept arts and culture related events (broadly defined). Live performance in music, dance, theater, etc. Art openings & happenings off the beaten path, cross/multicultural events including food, language, history, arts and crafts. We also accept one-off arts and culture class and workshop listings. For recurring drop-in classes, please contact us to discuss monthly payment for an ongoing listing.

We typically reject spammy or overly commercial sounding submissions. This is also not the place to advertise enrollment in programs and memberships. It’s fine to promote specific events that may lead to someone joining your organization as a member, but we reject overt solicitations.

Technically no, but you can re-submit an edited/updated version of your event and we will approve it right away when possible. Please proofread and make sure your event is edited/polished to avoid re-submitting. We do offer an editing service to make small changes for you – $10 fee per post.

For a featured event please submit it here and be sure to write “feature” in the notes field.

Culture Calendar is searchable by text found in the title, location, and tags of the event listing. Therefore, the best way to make sure people find your event is to include the full city name in the location field, relevant terms in title and of course the appropriate tags. Specifically, we recommend tagging your event by discipline/genre, style, whether it’s free and type of event. For example:

Event Title: Get Down Hour | Hip Hop Dance Class <–SEARCHABLE

Event Description: Some text about the event <–NOT SEARCHABLE

Location: Danzversity, 2110 Whitehorse Trail, Austin TX, 78757 <–SEARCHABLE

Tags: Dance, Urban, Free, Performance. <– SEARCHABLE

Filter Guide

How to Filter Your Search Using Multiple #Tags



Type && between tags to filter your search for #this AND #that




Type || between tags to filter your search for #this OR #that




Type ! after && to filter your search for #this AND NOT #that


Always start with the #hashtag symbol when filtering your search by tag. Notice you only need a hashtag at the start of your search.

Make sure there are no spaces between the #tag and the symbol. Watch out for hyphenated tags: #new-york&&dance

Yes, you can use multiple symbols in the same search! #Cool&&beans!rice

For example, if you wanted to search for Art AND Dallas OR Art AND Houston you would enter #Art&&Dallas||Art&&Houston into the search bar.

Happy Searching!

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